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Hey everyone, I've been pretty silent over here so just wanted to put out an update on the status of the project. First of all, thank you everyone for the support - we reached the first funding goal a little while ago which means I'll be putting together a third pamphlet with advice and thoughts on GMing this game and coming up with the contradictions as you play.

I'm still hoping to get the base two files finished soon, but annoyingly my landlord decided I needed to move right after I posted this campaign and so much of my free time that normally is for creative work has been devoted to searching for a new apartment and packing stuff up, so we're a little delayed. The game is essentially finished, I'm just trying to get some finishing touches and make sure it's up to par.

Once those are released, I'll try to do a little marketing push to hopefully bring some more support in and aim for that next $500 funding goal while working to get the third pamphlet out.

For people who have reserved physical copies - my plan is to wait for a bit to see if we get close to unlocking that 4th pamphlet before sending them out so I can get you everything that we unlock, but I'm open to other ideas. Just let me know!



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