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An absolute living shitpost of a game, STAT HEIST gets you playing quickly. To start playing you do four things.

  1. Elect a GM
  2. Roll a d12 and a d8 and grab the stat at the intersection on the big table. The table was sourced on this twitter thread. Do this 3 times.
  3. Roll a d6 to get your character's dice mechanics. Some players will be playing a PBTA game, some may be forged in the dark, others will be playing Phanta, and some might resign themselves to simply play the dragon game. But you have to choose that last one.
  4. The players then tell the GM what setting they're performing a heist in, and who they're performing a heist on. The GM will take five minutes to prep the heist and off you go

A Successful Heist Means You Get More Stats

More Stats Means You Have More Fun!

this game is free. If you want to pay me for it, just buy one of my other games, or back my upcoming kickstarter

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