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No Stone Unturned is a tabletop roleplaying game for 2-6 players. It's designed to play as a one-shot or short campaign, with sessions lasting from 2-4 hours each. Players will create characters and locations and take turns as the Arbiters of the world, meaning there is no set Game Master.

The game starts with a collaborative worldbuilding exercise, after which you will make characters to live in the world and go on adventures to help. While adventuring, you will be rolling dice based on your character's abilities and also how they are feeling to determine the outcome of your actions. The "winner" of the action roll will get to add Details to the narrative and progress the story forward.

You are about to create a story that features characters living in a world unrecognizable to our own. Their society is starting to pick up the pieces after yet another apocalypse. Natural catastrophes, manmade disasters, and maybe even external influences have caused collapse after collapse, but humanity has somehow hung on. Remainders of each of these civilizations and artifacts of their downfalls lurk hidden throughout the world.

Enough time has passed that many settlements have stabilized and are now looking to expand and explore what is around them. The characters that you will play live in one of these settlements and are tasked with exploring the world around the settlement and acquiring what resources and knowledge that can be found. While that may sound like a noble cause, the world around them is populated by other societies, recovering wildlife, unstable ecosystems, and volatile remnants from disasters past. If these adventurers aren't careful, their actions will endanger their neighbors as well as their own homes…

The full rules are available on the SRD, so feel free to read them there and play the game for free. The rules there are currently a couple of rounds of edits behind, but the core rules are the same. I will update it with the final text once complete. If you like reading the rules or playing from them, it would be really nice if you could rate the game here on itch. It'd help get more eyes on the project!

StatusIn development
CategoryPhysical game
Release date Jun 02, 2020
GenreRole Playing
TagsDice, fitd, GM-Less, PbtA, Post-apocalyptic, ttrpg, worldbuilding, zine
Average sessionA few seconds


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